Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Nightmare On Elm Street Stills

Some new stills from the forthcoming "Nightmare On Elm Street" remake.

Katie Cassidy being led to her doom:


Katie's playing the Tina role from the original, which means she becomes very dead, very early. Also of note, one thing about the original that's so great is the first ten minutes or so are ALL about Tina, to the point it feels like the movie is about her, making her sudden and violent death all the more frightening. It's an idea Craven has expoited frequently in his career, most notably in the infamous Drew Barrymore scene in "Scream," where the most famous actress in the cast was elminiated before the opening credits, thus putting the audience on edge the rest of the night.

Katie Cassidy's not an incredibly well-known actress, she's on "Melrose Place" (and survived the remake of "Black Christmas") but compared to her co-stars, she has the most star power.

She's apparently not so big a star that she can't get drug covered in blood in a body bag through a school of course:


This is pretty similar to the original as well when Nancy is haunted by dreams of Tina throwing up a centipede and being drug through the school in a body bag. That scene is also Nancy's first on camera interaction with Freddy and where she also outsmarts him, setting her up as the Girl Most Likely To Survive.

It seems the kid playing the role similar to Rod Lane meets a more vivid fate that Rod did while in prison. Rod was hanged, this seems a bit more visceral.


This is probably Nancy being trailed by a somewhat evil-looking version of her boyfriend. The guy is clearly not Johnny Depp.


This is interesting in that it could be just a new scene or it could be a riff on the scene in the original when Nancy asks Glenn (played by Depp) to watch her while she goes looking for Freddy in her dream.

And here's said boyfriend crying like a wee girl. Pussy.


Still, most everything from this remake looks spot-on. Find out for sure on April 30!