Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Scream Season 2 Episode 6

After last week’s more reflective episode the promise for this week seemed to be chaos and repercussions. While it may have been a little less chaotic than imagined, still, more and more true colors are being revealed, not that it’s becoming much clearer who the killer is, or, more likely, who the killers are.
The big cliffhanger last week, though, was Noah stealing Audrey’s phone and learning about all the contact she’s had with the killer. And, I gotta say, that was a helluva cliffhanger.
This week we find Noah a bit shellshocked to say the least, especially when Emma visits and finds Audrey at the center of Noah’s big board of suspects. Emma doesn’t believe it and Noah, interestingly, does not sell Audrey out. Emma wants proof, which Noah has, but he lets it go.
The mayor is up to shenanigans, too. He goes to Kieran’s aunt (who’s name escapes me) sort of seduces her and then says he has an off-the-record job for her. Does that mean he’s pulling the strings and she’s the one running around in the Ghostface costume now? Well, they want us to think that. What was going on between Jake and him was clarified a bit, and it certainly fuels the notion that the Mayor’s involved.
For the record, I love the smarmy mayor. Bryan Batt should be a lot more famous than he is.
Meanwhile, no one knows the kid from the hotel is dead yet, which is interesting. Apparently they don’t have very good cleaning crews at the local motel. But he’s still responding to Noah’s texts and arranges a secret meet-up to identify Piper’s accomplice.
The meeting is at an abandoned carnival. It’s so ridiculously a bad idea, right? Still, Noah goes, gets appropriately freaked out and bails, only to be captured and waking up tied to a broken down funhouse car, with Audrey tied to the car behind him.
Fearing his own death, Noah confesses all sorts of ridiculous things, hoping Audrey would join in and confess her crimes. She does ... to an extent, only to reveal this was all her plan to get them alone and to prove her innocence. The problem with that is the real killer decides to show up.
Emma decides to show up to. And Kieran. So the four of them seemingly save one another. Although, they probably could have ganged up on the killer too, who was still close enough to chase down. But then we wouldn’t have much to do for the next few episodes.
Oh, the emails from long-dead Riley that were being sent to Emma’s dad presumably came from Emma. Which is odd. But we don’t learn more about that.
Gustavo does some recon for Brooke, most notably that Branson’s apparently banging the new psychology teacher and she’s his alibi for the night Jake died.
What’s been our lesson so far on this show: Don’t F**K with Brooke. First she schedules a meeting with the teacher and says she was banging Mr. Branson and that she hooked up with him the night of Jake’s death. The teacher’s reaction proves she wasn’t with Branson. So Brooke arranges a rendevous with Branson, ties him to the bed and gets all the information she wants out of him. And a little bloodshed. Again, don’t f**k with Brooke.
The big piece of information from this scene, though, is that Jake was bribing Branson to get out of town and leave Brooke alone. And Jake said he was getting the money from The Mayor, which explains the texts on Jake’s phone that the sheriff has read.
Still, Gustavo enjoys playing with his prop killer mask a little too much.
Audrey goes to Noah and finally confesses everything. That she brought Piper to the city because she didn’t have anyone. She says she didn’t know that Piper was the killer, that Piper denied it even after they started happening. It explains a few things, but not everything. We still don’t know why Audrey’s girlfriend in season 1 had to die.
Oh, Brooke left Branson to escape the hotel room. But the killer found him first.

The end.

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