Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Scream Season 2 Episode 7

“Scream” last week left us last week with one character short one hand, the mayor making a mysterious allegiance with Kieran’s aunt and Audrey telling Noah a version of the truth about her involvement in the previous season’s festivities.
This week’s episode is another seemingly major turn in the events. Lots of people are paired off, Noah and Zoe go on a real date, Emma and Eli sneak off together, the sheriff and Emma’s mom are off being cryptic together, and Audrey tries to help Brooke clean up the mess she made with Branson (even though they have no idea what actually happened to him.)
We’ll start with Zoe and Noah. As Noah and Audrey go to get coffee, Zoe asks Noah if he wants to get together to study. Noah agrees, only to find out later that Zoe had something more romantic on her mind than studying. Which is all well and good - except the episode kept showing that he was blowing off Audrey during the date, which could be no big deal, but it still felt a touch calculated.
Emma and Kieran were weird and then she went off with Eli. Oh, the opening showed that Eli likes to sneak into peoples’ houses and watch them sleep. It definitely had an ‘American Psycho’ vibe to it. He does tell Emma about his game, although, it doesn’t sound quite as creepy as he describes it. (Fun fact, Charles Manson and his followers used to sneak into peoples’ houses just for the fun of it too. They called it ‘creepy crawls,’ Eli calls it ‘Goldilocksing.)
Brooke, meanwhile, goes to Audrey saying she needs help fixing the mess she made with Branson, namely that she left him handcuffed in a hotel room. (They don’t know what happened next.) They go to the hotel (which still uses actual keys, seriously, what century does this take place in?) only to find that there’s no evidence of the bloodbath that befell Branson, nor is he anywhere to be found. But whomever cleaned the place up left a video camera which caught the girls being there.
One thing I was presumably right about was Ms. Lang’s movitvations - she’s trying to write a book about The Lakewood Six. If there’s more to it, they seemingly took her off the table of being a killer when the killer threw her off a staircase. She could still live, and maybe she has some information on her tapes that would help solve the puzzle (maybe putting she and Noah closer to play off his crush on her from episode 1.)
Audrey and Brooke ended up at the school where the killer had set a trap for them (the same trap that resulted in Ms. Lang being tossed onto the concrete from a few levels up) but the janitor who arrived to help seemingly messed everything up. We don’t know what the killer had in store for Audrey, or, was it for Brooke? He went out of his way to separate them.
Still, Audrey ran to Noah after the scene at the school, effectively cock blocking him as he was about to score with Zoe. Zoe, meanwhile, listened to the recording Noah made of Audrey confessing to bringing Piper to Lakewood and then emailed it off. Hmm.
Emma’s mom (seriously, does she have a name, I cannot remember) and the Sheriff found a picture of young Emma at the old farmhouse.
Eli and Emma ended up at a model home which is also the home where the killer was storing the bloody bodies of Branson and the guy from the hotel. Just as things are heating up between the two of them, they literally start heating up as the building bursts into flames, and quickly burns to the ground, seemingly killing Branson who was still alive at that point. But that was the end so he could still survive. Sort of.
More importantly, though, while the killer was active this episode, nearly all the major characters were accounted for. Only Kieran, Gustavo, the Mayor and Eli’s mother were off the grid when it was all hitting the fan.

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